With yet another GOP presidential debate set to take place tonight, there are bound to be opinions both on and off the stage floating around. National security and global climate changes are just two hot topics that are sure to garner much discussion. 

One of the most central places to share and learn about other people’s opinions is on Facebook. Following events like debates, it seems like everyone has two cents to put in via a status update. 

But what happens when you completely disagree with a Facebook friend’s point of view?

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Let’s say that you’re fiercely against guns and a friend goes on a rant about how important the Second Amendment is. Or what happens if you’re all about #BlackLivesMAtter and a Facebook friend decides to let the world know that they completely disagree with the movement?

How do you react? Do you simply regard it as their opinion and keep it moving? Do you give them major side eye, start a heated debate or even unfriend them? We want to know how you deal with different opinions on Facebook. 

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