ESSENCE Poll: What Did You Think of ‘American Idol?’
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Last night American Idol kicked off its twelveth season with a bang! Yes, the talent was hit or miss but the real stars of the show were new judges Mariah Cary and Nicki Minaj.

Just 10 minutes into the show, the dueling divas already had their large personalities on display—proving there’s only room for one, and they’ll do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Throughout the two-hour premiere, viewers saw Idol hopefuls putting their all into their performances and nonstop closeups of Carey’s diva gestures and Minaj’s constant eye-rolling.

The sneak peek for tonight’s part-two of the premiere shows Carey and Minaj going head-to-head (yet again!) as the auditions head to The Windy City.

Was the show’s revamped judges’ panel fabulous enough to keep your attention? Or was the constant bickering and cattiness between two divas too much to handle?

You be the judge! Take our poll below and explain whether or not you’ll be tuning in to the full season of American Idol this year or if you’ve already changed the channel.

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