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ESSENCE Poll: What Are Your Ultimate Dating Rules?

One Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane vowed to never sleep with a married man, until Andre tricked her with his lies. Which rules do you refuse to budge on?
ESSENCE Poll: What Are Your Ultimate Dating Rules?
BET Networks/Quantrell D. Colbert

On last night’s premiere of Being Mary Jane, actress Gabrielle Union really brought the drama. Her character Mary Jane is extremely successful professionally yet unlucky in love and surrounded by liars, users and player-types. Nearly every scene of last night’s hour-long premiere was buzz-worthy, but one moment in particular really resonated with us: Mary Jane’s heated confrontation with cheating ex Andre (Omari Hardwick), whom she’d only recently discovered was actually married man with kids and had lied to her every single time he opened his mouth.

As he begged her for forgiveness and understanding, a furious Mary Jane broke down and confessed that she didn’t just feel betrayed because he cheated on her, but also because his lies forced her to break an important promise to herself – her rule that she would never (ever!) be a homewrecker or date a married man. Andre took her choice away, and that cut was as deep as those created by his lies.

Admit it, you have a set of dating rules you follow too. From the moral ones you create to protect your heart and body (no married guys/no unprotected sex/90-day rule, etc.) to those you design to meet your personal preferences and increase your chances of finding the love you want (college grads only/no short guys/he must have good credit, etc.), when it comes to love, every woman has her lines drawn in the sand.

We want to hear your personal dating rules and why they’re important to you. Share them below and tell us how you stick to them.