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ESSENCE Poll: What Are the Top Reasons You 'Unfriend' or 'Unfollow' People on Social Media?

What gets you to push the "unfriend" or "unfollow" button? Take our poll.

Online relationships can be a tricky affair. We get to follow our friends’ lives from the mundane (do I really need to know what she ate again?) to the life-changing (marriage, births, etc). But what if a friend’s wall posts or tweets are downright annoying to you? You know, the friend who finds a negative slant to everything. Or the obnoxious oversharer who feels the need to post 10+ times a day about everything from reality shows to sex and religion.

Do you ignore it or take action by unfriendinng a friend?

According to a Mashable user poll during the 2012 election, nearly 47 percent of responders admitted to “unfriending” someone because of political posts. Mashable also compiled a list of the 20 most annoying Facebook habits that cause people to unfired you. They include vanity posts (we get it, you’re gorgeous), intentionally vague status updates like “Is it Possible?” causing everyone on your feed to wonder whether you’re okay. Or the unsolicited check-in at the most random places. News flash: No one cares about your third visit to Starbucks this week. The list is endless. Tell us some of the reasons you’ve found yourself hitting the “unfriend” or “unfollow” button?

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