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ESSENCE Poll: At What Age Do You First Remember Experiencing Racism?

A four-year-old girl in Missouri couldn't make any friends at school because she is Black. How old were you when you first experienced racial discrimination?
ESSENCE Poll: At What Age Do You First Remember Experiencing Racism?
Facebook/ Tomeka Fisher

Last month, the world was heartbroken over a viral video of 4-year-old Londyn, who was crying because the other kids in her preschool didn’t want to be her friend because of the color of her skin.

“She told me that a girl didn’t want to be friends with her because she was Black,” her mother, Tomeka Fisher, told People. “I just wanted people to know that no child should be told someone doesn’t want to be their friend because of how they look.”

After her mother uploaded the video to Facebook, millions of people around the world showed their support for little Londyn and condemned racial discrimination. One little girl in South Carolina even wrote Londyn a note saying that she would be her friend.

Londyn’s story has a happy ending, but the sad truth is that in America, most people of color experience racism at least once in their lifetime. Even the president of the United States wasn’t immune to racial discrimination.

We want to know: At what age do you first remember experiencing racism? Share your story in the comments. Tell us what happened, how it made you feel, and how you feel about it now.