ESSENCE Poll: Is There a Shortage of Good Men In Your Area?
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When it comes to dating, sometimes the news can be both confusing and conflicting. One week, the headlines say more and more young adults are choosing to put marriage on hold in favor of their careers and to enjoy the perks of the single life, and then the next, researchers claim it’s tougher than ever before for singles who are looking to date someone seriously. So, which one is it? Are they one in the same? Are more of you waiting on love because you can’t find it? Hmm…

We read all your comments, tweets and letters, and we so often hear Black women insisting that the dating pool near them is seriously lacking. Even though we feature couples who’ve found love in Bridal Bliss and Just Engaged every week, we continously hear single sisters sharing heartbreaking stories of the bumps they often encounter along their journey to find true love.

What do you think? Is finding a good man to date harder than ever before single ladies? Take our poll and tell us about the pros and cons of the dating scene in your city or town.

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