ESSENCE Poll: Should Your Kid Have Their Own Online Presence?
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Are you following a child, an animal or an object on Instagram or Twitter right now? We’re willing to bet most of you just nodded “yes.” You’re not alone. (Kid President has over 92,000 Twitter followers!)

We live in a tech savvy world where people stay glued to their smart phones and tablets 24/7 and admit to being addicted to sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media users obsessively post their meals, their thoughts, and their most special moments – and now even their kids’ special moments too. More and more crafty moms are turning their talented kids into Internet celebrities by giving them their own social media profiles or making them the centerpiece of their own. Seriously, there are newborn babies who have more friends online than any adult ever has in real life. When you develop a massive social media following, there are lots of opportunities to earn money. Is it a smart way to invest in your kids college or a total violation of their privacy?

As much as we love seeing cute kids doing even cuter things, we have to ask: Is this going too far?

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