ESSENCE Poll: Should Women Going Topless Be Considered Indecent Exposure?

It’s currently hot as the hinges of hell on the East Coast. You know that’s hot! With the sweltering heat comes a free pass for men to walk around shirtless. Some, we’ll say, just have no business exposing us to all that belly fat. But what about the women, you ask? We get hot too.

Being that Essence is based near New York’s Times Square, we’ve lately been seeing a semi-nude woman named Moira walking around with body paint offering tourists the chance to take a picture with her. We want to scream, ‘Hey girl, it’s not National Go Topless Day yet!’ It turns out being topless is actually legal in New York and Moira has every right to show off her boobs. But that doesn’t stop the detractors from crying indecent exposure. So we’ve got to ask: How come men can do it and women can’t? Share your thoughts with us below. [poll id=345111]

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