ESSENCE Poll: Should The Car Industry Take On The Responsibility of Preventing Infant Deaths in Locked Cars?
Terry Williams/YouTube

Unfortunately, summertime brings a stream of news stories involving children dying after being left in hot cars by their parents/guardians. 

In an effort to take a stand, Terry Williams decided to film himself in a hot car to show parents exactly what these children go through. 

“This is not a game,” said Williams. “This is serious. Don’t be the next fool on the damn news talking about you left your kids in the back seat.”

The YouTube clip shows the Greensboro, North Carolina resident sitting in the car with the windows up in 90 degree weather sweating profusely. 

“As you can see, I’m sweating – like, I can barely breathe out here. But my system is stronger than these little kids’ systems,” he says. 

According to experts, temperatures can rise as much as 20 degrees inside a closed car making it unsafe for anyone to be left inside.

It’s clear that something must be done to end this tragic pattern of children being left inside cars in the heat, but who should take the lead? Should the car industry be given the responsibility of creating some type of censor that beeps if a child is left in the backseat? Let us know what you think the solution is below.

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