ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Want the President to Talk About in Tonight's State of the Union Address?

There's a lot of speculation about what subject President Obama will touch on during tonight's State of the Union Address. What do you want hear from the president?

Jolie A. Doggett Jan, 20, 2015

Tonight, President Barack Obama will speak to the nation in his sixth State of the Union Address.

POTUS is expected to cover a lot of ground. For starters, this year has been a rocky one for race relations, particularly the relationship between the Black community and the police. Body cameras, racial profiling and continuing protests are all up for discussion.

The President could give an update on our economy. Gas prices are down and we’re not mad about it, but some people may be upset by a tax increase that’s just been submitted to Congress.

It’s been a little over a week since the terrorist attacks in Nigeria and in Paris, and the world is still on edge. Will the president take on the topic of foreign policy and terrorism tonight? 

Education may also be on his agenda. The President announced that he planned to offer students two years of community college for free. Does he have more plans for America’s education system? And does he have new plans for other hot button issues like healthcare, reproductive rights, gender equality, and LGBT rights? 

The State of the Union airs tonight at 9pm EST. What are you hoping to hear from the President? Take our poll then let us know in the comments which subject is your biggest concern.

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