ESSENCE Poll: Is Marriage Always Better?
Oprah/ Instagram

Not everyone is a fan of marriage. For some, it’s the ultimate feat that can be achieved as a couple, while others feel it’s the kiss of death for any relationship and essentially the beginning of the end.

Recently, Baggage Claim star Djimon Hounsou, who recently divorced Kimora Lee Simmons, shared his thoughts on marriage with Hip Hollywood, and clearly, he’s not a fan: “The idea of marrying somebody can actually ruin the union. Some people are happily together for decades and they get this fantasy idea to go and get married when it’s just about papers basically… eventually it just goes sour.”

He’s not the only celeb sour on marriage. Oprah Winfrey, who has been in a long-term committed relationship with Stedman Graham for nearly 27 years, has been very vocal about her decision to never marry. On the other hand, celebrity power couples like President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama make a happy marriage look easy.

Last week, a reader asked Dr. Sherry if she should breakup with a man who keeps discussing marriage but won’t buy a ring and you couldn’t wait to weigh in with your support.

So, we’re asking you: Is marriage still your end goal? Do you think marriage can ruin a perfectly good committed long-term relationship? Take our poll, and let’s discuss.

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