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ESSENCE Poll: Is It Okay For Kids to Be Banned from Restaurants and Events?

A Virginia sushi restaurant s declaring itself a kid-free zone. 

A Virginia sushi restaurant s declaring itself a kid-free zone much to the dismay of parents in the neighborhood. Located in the family-centric community of Del Ray, a suburb in Alexandria, Virginia, The Sushi Bar opened earlier this month with one key rule: no kids under 18.

Some parents have promised to boycott the upscale sushi bar, though others are supportive. On the eatery’s Facebook page one parent wrote, “I have seven kids. And I LOVE this idea of a kid free restaurant.”

Of course The Sushi Bar is not alone in banning children from the premises. Even family-friendly Disney doesn’t allow kids younger than 10 at the upscale Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Spa and Resort. Air Asia recently announced the Quiet Zone, which doesn’t allow kids under 12, reports ABC News.

And what of important events like weddings? There are plenty of couples who’d much rather you keep your children at home as they walk down the aisle. Is this unfair, or does everyone have the right to set their own rules at their establishment or event? Chime in below and tell us where you stand. [poll id=328051]