ESSENCE Poll: If Olivia Pope Got Pregnant, Who Would Be the Father?
ABC/Richard Cartwright

The bulk of this week’s headlines undoubtedly belong to Kerry Washington. The Scandal star surprised everyone with news of her pregnancy. And as great as that is for the actress, Gladiators are itching to know how will Washington’s growing baby bump affect Olivia Pope’s life?

Those familiar with Shonda Rhimes are well aware that any and everything is possible in ShondaLand. From sudden deaths to pregnancies, nothing is off limits when Rhimes is penning the scripts for our favorite TV shows!

But seriously, how will Washington’s pregnancy affect Pope? More importantly, if Rhimes were to write-in Washington’s pregnancy to avoid doing acrobats with cameras, props and wardrobe, who would be the father?

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So far, there are two prime candidates who are probably more than willing to do the deed and claim paternity.

If you were the writer of the show (Shonda are you reading?!), who would you want to be the father of Pope’s baby?

Voice your opinions in the poll and comments below!

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