ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Ideal Parenting Style?
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According to a survey conducted by the Huffngton Post, “helicopter parenting” is at an all-time high.

The phrase explains a parent that pays extremely close attention to their children and their problems, often jumping in to help out. The main criticism is that helicopter parenting may not be conducive to a child learning to stand on their own two feet.

Yet, there are many parents that say it’s the only way to protect their children from a world that’s constantly changing and is vastly different from the one they grew up in.

Although helicopter parenting is a big part of the conversation, there are many different styles of parenting.

Some feel that taking a free-spirited approach where you let things flow organically is best. Others are all about stricter, old-school parenting. Recent times have also seen a huge surge of parents that are really close friends with their children. And still, there are parents who give their children necessary tools and are pretty hands-off from there on.

All of the different styles have positive and negative aspects, as parenting is never an easy, one-size-fits-all job, but we want to know what style you lean toward.

So, when it come to parenting what do you think the ideal should be? Are helicopter parents on to something or is there a different approach to raising great, well-rounded children?

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