ESSENCE Poll: How Soon Should You Introduce Your Child to Your Significant Other?
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Rapper Future recently spoke out against his ex-fiancee Ciara regarding her choice to introduce their 16-month-old son Future Jr. to her new beau, NFL player Russell Wilson.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Future expanded on his feelings about the relationship saying, “I swear, man, I’m not thinking about her. I mean, I want her to be totally happy. Like you gotta understand, you want a person to be happy [but] I’m not bitter,” he said of Ciara.

He then went on to talk about photos of Wilson pushing Future Jr. in a stroller saying, “Of course I wouldn’t want someone pushing my son. Like, that’s the No. 1 rule. Like, if I was a kid and my mom had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out of the stroller and slapped the s–t out of…you never do that in our community. You don’t even bring a man around your son. You know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid?” he continued. “Who does that? Nobody does that.”

Ciara and Russell, who began publicly dating in April have not responded to Future’s comments.

The issue of children when it comes to new relationships is always a touchy one. How do you feel about introducing your children to significant others? Is there a certain grace period that needs to be honored or do you make the introduction whenever you feel comfortable? Let us know!

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