ESSENCE Poll: How Much Say Should a Dad Have Over His Daughter’s Hair?
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Halle Berry can add “Professional Detective” to her list of achievements.

According to TMZ, the Oscar winner submitted her daughter’s hair brush to a crime lab to obtain proof that her ex, Gabriel Aubry, had been chemically treating their daughter Nahla’s hair.

Last month, the former couple was in court with Berry demanding that Aubry refrain from straightening or altering 6-year-old Nahla’s hair in any way, citing that she was safeguarding their daughter’s “best interests.” The judge decided in her favor, allowing Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally and ruling that moving forward, neither parent could alter Nahla’s hair color or texture.

It would seem that Nahla’s father feels he has every right to do as he wishes with his daughter’s hair. The forensic tests on the hair brush reportedly show that her hair has indeed been chemically treated to lighten the color.

We want to know: Does the daddy have a right to style his daughter’s hair? Take our poll and let us know in the comments below.

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