ESSENCE Poll: How Much Do You Drink a Week?

A new study has found that women are catching up to men when it comes to drinking habits.

Dominique Hobdy Dec, 02, 2015

Whether it’s the obligatory glass of wine to accompany Scandal night, a necessary martini after a hard day at work or even a much-needed cocktail while the kids are away, women’s drinking habits have seen a big increase.

According to Fox News, a new study has found that female drinking habits are starting to catch up to those of men.

Dr. Aaron White, Ph.D., senior scientific advisor to the director of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and lead study author said, “Males still consume more alcohol, but the differences between men and women are diminishing.”

The results of the study didn’t point to one reason for the increase such as employment, stress or marital status.

Although the study shows that the gender gap continues to close and women can hang with the boys, it also determined that women may be just as likely as men to suffer from alcohol-related issues if the trend continues.

We want to know what your drinking habits are. Let us know below!

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