ESSENCE Poll: How Has Mandela’s Life Inspired You?

Yesterday the world lost one of it’s beloved freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela. What we’ll never lose, however, are the lessons he taught us during his 95 years on this earth. 

During his statement on Mandela’s passing, President Obama pointed out that countless millions have drawn inspiration from Mandela’s life. For Obama, Mandela inspired his first ever political action — protesting against apartheid. His ability to reconcile with those who jailed him taught Africa to forgive. His journey from prisoner to president showed Africa and the world that change is truly possible. Nelson Mandela was a man who fought for his ideals, survived 27 years of incarceration, and reconciled a nation, all while keeping good humor, grace, dignity, and humility.

We want to hear from you, as we continue to remember Madela’s legacy. How has Mandela’s life inspired your own? Share in a comment below.