ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Use Your Credit Cards?
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As the holidays kick into full gear one thing on most people’s mind is, “how am I paying for all of this?” There are those of us who have saved up for the holiday season but there are many who rely on our credit cards to fill in the gaps. But, a recent study shows that Americans may be relying too heavily on credit.

According to Time, a new study by NerdWallet confirms that the average indebted household is carrying a revolving balance of $15,355.

Although this figure is less than in the recession when the average debt hit $17,000, it has jumped from March 2014 when the average was $14,000.

NerdWallet credit expert Sean McQuay says: “After the significant dip following the recession, there was a lot of talk that Americans were using their credit cards better. The numbers aren’t showing that. Americans are taking on more debt.”

The increase is said to be caused in part by medical bills and the cost of food, but experts also say one of the best ways to cut down on debt is to spend less during the holidays.

We want to know how you use your credit card(s). Is it only for emergencies or do you not have a credit card at all? Do you swipe to snag whatever your heart desires or do you only buy what you can afford at the end of the month? Let us know!

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