You know the drill all too well. You read a post on your favorite website and immediately scroll down to read the comments. More often than not, you find yourself reading negative comments and tons of personal insults and foul language aimed at either the subject or other commenters.

Makeup artist Alexandra Butler could not have anticiapated the barrage of negative comments she would read after posting photos of one of her clients’ makeovers (above). Disturbed by people making hurtful comments about the young woman in the photo, Butler wrote an blog post in which she wondered why we’re so quick to get nasty with each other online.

“We need to be very mindful of our words and how we use them in the real world and online,” she wrote. “Instead of using social media to tear each other down for having flaws, let’s be positive and build each other up.”

When it comes to social media, are you with the camp that believes in always staying positive, or the one that thinks making a mean comment here and there is not all that bad? Do you think we’ve become desensitized to cyber-bullying? Take our poll, and share your (positive) thoughts with us in the comments.

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