ESSENCE Poll: How Do You React When Pulled Over By the Police?

As Sandra Bland’s case develops, it’s hard not to keep the relationship between Black Americans and law enforcement at the forefront of our minds.

What are police legally allowed to do during a stop, and what rights do we have as citizens, are just some of the questions coming up in discussions.

Following the release of dashcam video documenting the encounter between Bland and officer Brian Encinia, many criticized both particpants for how they acted towards each other. Was his tone aggravated? Did he have the right to ask her to get out of the car? Should she have put out her cigarette? The legality of both their actions are under heavy scrutiny.

When pulled over by the police, how to you handle the encounter? Are you determined to remain silent (because you have the right to), or do you question the officer’s motives? Do you comply with the officer’s request?

Let us know below.

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