First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z and a slew of high-profile celebrities are the latest victims of a security breach orchestrated by hackers.

On Monday, a website claims to have posted their personal financial information online, including their Social Security numbers, banking details, credit card bills, mortgage information and car payments. The site claims to have the First Lady’s credit report, credit card information and phone number. A message to Mrs. Obama reads: “Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”

Though authorities aren’t naming the site, and others are doubting its authenticity, the FBI has confirmed that there is an investigation underway to determine whether or not its a hoax. 

If the information on the website is indeed accurate, we’ve all got to think a little harder about our online identities. Because if even the First Lady isn’t safe from online hackers, who’s to say the rest of us are?

Are our strong passwords enough to protect us? What measures do you take to lessen your chances of becoming the victim of online identity theft or hacking? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. [poll id=279741]

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