ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Hash Out Sibling Drama?
Prince Williams/

Keyshia Cole once famously said it would take both Iyanla and Oprah to fix her feud with her older sister Neffe Pugh. But this weekend, the two sisters seemed to hash out their issues without any intervention. Neffe attended an in-store event to support Keyshia’s new shoe line with Steve Madden.

As the story goes, Keyshia has been angry at Neffe and their mother Frankie for starring in their epynomous reality show on BET in 2009, without her approval. Things got worse when Neffe wrote a tell-all book earlier this year dishing on her relationship with her famous sister. This weekend, none of that mattered. “You cannot separate blood infused with love, power and ability,” tweeted Neffe following their reunion. 

If you’ve ever had a falling our with your sibling you know no one can get under your skin quite like those closest to you. Thankfully these two sisters were mature enough to let the past be the past. How have you handled your issues with a sibling? [poll id=383401]