Following the release of the squad car video showing the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, many are wondering how much is too much when it comes to the circulation of death footage. 

McDonald was shot 16 times and killed by white officer Jason Van Dyke on October 20, 2014. The shocking video showing his death was released yesterday against the wishes of his family. 

McDonald’s uncle, Shyrell Johnson, said that relatives didn’t want the footage to be released because it would be too painful for the family and community to watch over and over. 

A judge ordered the video to be released by November 26 in response to a Freedom of Information act request.

Although it can be argued that the video is public record, many are wondering if the release of the graphic footage is necessary, especially against the wishes of the family.

What do you think? Should the footage have been released despite the family’s wishes? Let’s talk about it.

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