ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Feel About the Current Season of ‘American Idol’?
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For 12 seasons, American Idol has given us a lot to love and a lot to, well, talk about. We love contestants-turned-singing sensations like Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia and Ruben Studdard. And each week, we look forward to watching the new singing hopefuls audition for the top spot. 

However, with each new season the show changes, and sometimes not for the better. Some fans love the judge shake-ups, and latest feud between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, while others prefer for the show to focus on the contestants and stay faithful to its mission of finding and molding new talent.

What do you think of the current season of Idol? Have you been tuning in? Tell us what you love, hate and enjoy.

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