Everyone celebrates their birthday differently. When we were younger, we had big birthday bashes with all of our friends. In college, we had the night out we wouldn’t remember, but would never forget. And now, it’s more like dinner with the girls (or your man) and a nice bottle of wine. 

Naturally though, celebrities are known to do it up, and with today being Beyonce’s birthday, we’re wondering how she’ll spend it. On an exclusive getaway with Jay and Blue? Cuddled up at home, with her girls and her mom? Or maybe she’s in the studio, working on something new. Whatever she’s doing, we know she’ll enjoy her Bey Day. 

But it got us thinking: How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you go all out and plan a vacation to celebrate? Do you take the day off and hit the spa, like the celebs do? Do you wait until the weekend to paint the town red? Or do you treat it like a regular day and go on to work? Take our poll and let us know. 

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