ESSENCE Poll: Have You Ever Been the Other Woman Without Knowing It?

The confession-fueled ladies’ chat between Mary Jane and her girlfriends on last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane still has us buzzing this morning.

Let’s face it. Men aren’t always honest with the women they date. Even the most upstanding brothers can turn out to be low-down dirty liars who get caught cheating or were actually married the entire time.

On the show, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is in love with Andre, a man she’d already fallen head over heels for before she discovered he was married with kids. When she caught up with her girlfriends for an overdue ladies’ night, lots of secrets came out among the group as the drinks started flowing—one’s sleeping with a married man and proud, another bought her own engagement ring—but Mary Jane stayed mum about her decision to continue her relationship with Andre, even when she admitted having her ex’s sperm stored in her refrigerator.

It’s heartbreaking to find out the man whom you thought was into you and only you actually has a wife and kids at home. Has a man ever lied to you about being married? Have you ever been the “other woman” without knowing it? How did you end things and heal?

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