ESSENCE Poll: Have We Taken the Fun Out of Halloween?

Imagine a Halloween without candy. That’s like Peaches without Herb. Or Bell and Biv without Devoe. You get the point. For the majority of little (and big) kids in our lives, Halloween means trick-or-treating and candy. Lots of it. For some, it’s the only day they get a pass for an excessive amount of sweets.

Over at CNN, Dr. Mark Burhenne, a dentist, says he gets the same question from parents every Halloween: “Should I let my kids have candy?”

“‘Just this once’ actually has a lasting effect,” writes Dr. Burhenne. “So what’s the big deal if your children binge on candy just once a year? That one binge may lead to an altered taste sensitivity, which can lead to cravings for other things.”

And then there’s the North Dakota woman who is reportedly planning to hand out “fat letters” to kids she thinks are “moderately obese.”

When did we get here? Are we over-analyzing Halloween and all that it comes with it? leave your thoughts below and share some of your favorite Halloween memories. [poll id=397901]

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