ESSENCE Poll: Given the Option of Yearlong Maternity Leave, How Soon Would You Return to Work?

Netflix recently announced plans to offer employees up to a year of paid maternity and paternity leave. How much time would you take off if you had this option?

Dominique Hobdy Aug, 05, 2015

If you could, would you take a year off for maternity leave?

This is the option on the table for Netflix employees, reports CBS News.

Netflix announced Tuesday on their blog that they will be giving new parents (men and women) up to a year of paid leave.

“Netflix’s continued success hinges on us competing for and keeping the most talented individuals in their field,” wrote Tawni Cranz, the company’s chief talent officer. “Experience shows people perform better at work when they’re not worrying about home.”

Although this policy is rare, how much time would you take off if you had a year to work with? Would you be eager to get back to work? Would you worry about your position? Or would you take the offer and run straight home to spend a year with your baby?

Let us know!

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