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ESSENCE Poll: Does Real-Life Gun Violence Stop You from Watching It on the Big Screen?

This summer's blockbusters are full of action and violence.

Summer blockbusters are filled with action, violence and tons of guns. Take Iron Man or Fast & Furious 6 with their explosives and gun-toting leads, for example. We’ve grown to expect it, right?

But has the recent spate of gun violence somehow affected our desire to see the carnage often found in summer blockbusters? Today as we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado where gunman James Holmes burst into a packed movie auditorium, killing 12 peple and injuring 70, and the George Zimmerman verdict, we can’t help but wonder whether gun violence on the big screen has any impact on our lives. Has real-life gun violence or the debates around gun control affected your desire to se it reenacted at the movies? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. [poll id=345621]