During elections, we’re often told that our vote is our voice and will make a difference for Black communities. But does the color of a candidate’s skin make a difference to us?

There are over a hundred Black politicians seeking office nationwide in state and local elections this year, with 83 seeking positions in the House of Representatives. For a few, getting elected would be historic to the legacy of Congress. For example, if Utah’s Mia Love is elected, she’ll be the first Black Republican woman ever to be elected to Congress. If Democrat Anthony Brown wins today, he’ll be the first Black governor of Maryland. 

Media outlets such as The Root have been helping keep voters informed by rounding up all of the African-American candidates seeking your vote this election cycle. While we’re not trying to tell you who to vote for today, the votes of Black constituents are essential to electing candidates that have a vested interested in uplifting our communties. 

There are even some politicians who wish to keep Black voters away from the polls because of our ability to sway election results. Georgia State Sentator Fran Miller said his state is making voting “too easy” for minorities and would be investigating ways to stop this. 

We want to know: does the race of a candidate matter when you’re making political decisions? Do you think Black candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, will take better care of Black constituents? Take our poll and let us know in the comments why you’re voting today using the hashtag: #ImVotingFor. And no matter what, make sure you get out and vote today!

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