How to quit your job. Let us count the ways. Newly-minted Internet star Marina Shifrin takes the cake for the most buzzworthy way to say adios to a job you despise.

Last week, Shifrin—who worked for “an awesome company that produces news videos”—uploaded a Youtube video called “An Interpretive Dance for my Boss set to Kanye West’s Gone” that featured her dancing around her office at 4:30am, explaining that she has put her “entire life” and sacrificed her relationships for her job, and her boss only cares about “quantity and how many views each video gets.” Her solution? Quit her job by creating a video that would focus on content and still get the page views. So far the video has an impressive 8 million views.

Shifrin has us thinking about job satisfaction. While she gave two years to a job she ultimately hated, some folks work 10, 20 even 30 years at a job they hate. Which category do you fall into? And what do you think of Shifrin’s exit strategy? Sound off in the comments below. [poll id=384511]

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