ESSENCE Poll: Do You Think Your Kids Are Given Too Much Homework?
Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

As the back-to-school season rolls around, a new study shows that elementary school students may be bringing home too much homework.

The study, conducted by The American Journal of Family Therapy, explored family stress as it pertains to homework and found that children in kindergarten, first grade and second grade may be hitting the books too hard.

A survey of 1200 parents found that elementary school students get three times more homework than the recommended amount. Educators agree that a “10-minute rule” for homework that increases as children age is ideal. This would mean no homework for kindergarteners, 10 minutes for first graders, 20 minutes for second graders and so on. As is, kindergarteners are spending an average of 25 minutes on homework, while first and second graders are averaging about 30 minutes.

What’s your experience with your child’s homework? Are you both up all night trying to finish assignments? Do you feel that more homework is better for your child or do you agree that too much homework adds to your family’s stress? Sound off below!

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