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ESSENCE Poll: Do You Sympathize With Celebs Who Complain About Privacy?

Jodi Foster's coming out speech at the Golden Globes struck a nerve with many. Should stars be forced to share private moments?
ESSENCE Poll: Do You Sympathize With Celebs Who Complain About Privacy?
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At last night’s Golden Globes, where Don Cheadle won best actor in a comedy TV series for House of Lies, actress Jodie Foster brought many to tears when accepting her lifetime achievement award. Addressing longtime speculation that she is gay, Foster came out during the telecast while at the same time scolding the current pop culture clime that demands such public confessions.

“I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the Stone Age, in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers and then gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met,” Foster said. “But now I’m told, apparently, that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime-time reality show. You know, you guys might be surprised, but I am not Honey Boo Boo Child.”

In a new trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, Beyoncé Knowles also hinted at her struggles with the limelight and her place in it: “I always struggle with, How much do I reveal about myself? How do I stay current? How do I stay soulful?”

Whether they are trailed by paparazzi or are constantly the subject of headlines and Twitter chatter about their personal lives, many stars have expressed a desire for more privacy. But as public figures, do you think they are entitled to it?

Take our poll and explain your answer in the comments below:

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