As Super Bowl fever begins to set in and fans prepare for the big game and Beyoncé’s performance, others will be tuning in just for the commercials. However, there is one commercial already making waves before its Sunday air date.

Volkswagen’s newest spot features a white Minnesotan man speaking in a Jamaican accent as he goes through his day-to-day routine at the office. His accent begins to spread to his co-workers and before the clip is over, they share in his positive attitude.

Not everyone thinks the commercial is funny. In fact, Charles Blow of The New York Times was offended, calling it “blackface with voices.”

Volkswagen America chief marketing officer Tim Mahoney claims his company went to great lengths researching the topic to ensure it went in the right direction. That included consulting with 100 Jamaicans in the process, Mahoney said.

What do you think? Are you outraged or do you think it’s charming?

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