ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Like Your Work Email Is Out of Control?
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Do you dread opening your email on a Monday morning? Do you have thousands of unread messages in your inbox?  Does your smartphone buzz with new email alerts at all hours of the day and night? If you answered yes to any of these, your work email may be out of control.

And you’re not alone. According to the Huffington Post, almost 30 percent of the workday is spent going through and responding to emails, and 81 percent of US employees keep reading their emails after they leave the office.

The urge to constantly read and respond to work correspondence is called “workplace telepressure,” and it may be damaging your health. Telepressure can reportedly cause fatigue, lack of focus, and poor sleeping habits. The impact work emails can have on health is so severe, that some governments around the world are implementing “anti-stress regulations” that would prevent work-related emails from being sent after office hours.

Do you believe your work email is out of control? Take our poll and let us know how you manage your work-life balance without getting burnt out.

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