ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Judged for Waiting to Have Children?
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The choice to wait to have children doesn’t always mean that your family or friends always have faith in your decision.

On last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane felt some serious hate from her father and her bestie, who expressed doubt in her ability—and willingness—to have a baby at her age and leave behind her single-girl lifestyle.

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“I don’t think a baby should be raised by someone who gets a drink as soon as the cock cross,” Lisa told Mary Jane. Ouch.

Mary Jane’s circle reminds us of those aunties who raise their eyebrows when you say you want to have a baby; the friends who, over a casual brunch, lecture you on “all the responsibilities that babies entail.” You know, those people.

We want to know: Have you ever felt judgment from people for waiting to have children? Take our poll, and leave a comment telling us how you responded.

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