ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Comfortable Traveling Alone?
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Now is the time of year to make summer travel and vacation plans. If you’re like many others, you’re dreaming of heading to destinations with sunny skies and swaying palm trees or visiting breathtaking cities filled with ancient history and sites.

Whether you’re booking your trip with your best gal pals or a family there are always number of safety concerns to consider before you go. Sometimes one must decide to travel alone when coordinating a trip with others doesn’t pan out or meet their travel desires.

But, is it safe for a woman to travel alone?

Lately, the news has been peppered with several stories of women traveling alone. Most recently, a New York woman who left her husband and two boys home to travel solo to Istanbul, Turkey was killed and her body found days later at a popular tourist attraction. Her husband has since flown to Istanbul to retrieve her body and find out what happened to his wife. Her good friend originally planned to accompany her but backed out due to finances.

Even if you’re brave, fearless and think of yourself as the most seasoned traveler you know, is it ever really safe to go it alone? Does the destination play a role? Take our poll and explain your answer below.

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