ESSENCE Poll: Do We Have a Gender-Bias Toward Acts of Violence?
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Solange Knowles, Jay Z, and Beyonce broke the internet yesterday when video footage of the “Losing You” singer physically attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator at The Standard Hotel was released by TMZ. 

As soon as the video went public, thousands of social media posts, memes, and hashtags took over as the world analyzed and joked about the confrontation. 

People referenced Solange to Mortal Kombat characters, boxers, and even added the occupation “streetfighter” to her Wikipedia page. Meanwhile the hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange was trending worldwide as everyone traded off comical ideas of what Jay could have done to deserve that kind of attack from Bey’s little sister. Overall, the situation was turned into one big joke.  

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We can’t help but wonder why we’re able to make light of a man being attacked by a woman when, if the situation was reversed, we’d be nothing short of outraged. 

Why is it that we can collectively share a few cheap laughs because Jay Z was attacked, and not the other way around? Do we have a gender-bias towards acts of violence? Let us know why you do or don’t below.

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