The verdict is in, and it’s not good news for Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke.

The duo who gave us “Blurred Lines” will be giving Marvin Gaye’s estate a little something, too: $7.3 million.

We all jammed to the impossibly catchy song when it was released in 2013, but a few people heard a different tune, namely Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got to Give It Up.” Apparently, Gaye’s family heard the musical similarities as well and filed a lawsuit against Williams and Thicke seeking $25 million in damages for copyright infringement.

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The two parties spent weeks in court listening to comparisons of the songs. Thicke, who admitted not long ago that he was drunk and high on drugs while making and promoting the song, sang and played the piano in court to defend their case, but to no avail. The jury ordered both he and Williams to pay $7.3 million to Gaye’s estate.

The case may be closed, but we still want to know if you heard “Got to Give It Up” the first time you listened to “Blurred Lines.” Take our poll, and leave a comment telling us whether you think the jury made the right decision.

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