ESSENCE Poll: Is Courting Important to You?
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It’s Friday night, date night! Are you sitting at home alone?

If you are, Taraji P. Henson may know why. She strongly believes men just don’t know how to ask women out on dates anymore.

“Guys don’t court anymore,” she told Wendy Williams on her talk show. “Take me out to dinner! Say you’re gonna pick me up at a certain time! Dating should be an event, you know? Whatever happened to that?”

Yea, what happened to that? Henson says men just expect to take you out for fast food and then go straight to the bedroom. Men these days seem to be abandoning the traditional dating rules like picking a woman up, bringing her flowers, or paying for the meal.

But is that such a bad thing? Courting may be too old school for some of you out there. With an abundance of ways to date and people in the world to meet (not to mention a new wave of feminism), who needs to be traditional? Why not just keep things fun and relaxed?

We want to know how you feel. Is courting important to you or could you care less about traditional dating roles? Take our poll and sound off in the comments with your dating rules.

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