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ESSENCE Poll: Are You Satisfied with Your Childcare Options?

A Texas couple had to resort to extreme measures when their child was left alone at his daycare facility. Are you content with your childcare options?

Finding good and affordable childcare is a challenge every parent can relate to.

According to the NY Daily News, a Texas couple had a scary ordeal when they discovered their son locked in his daycare facility by himself.

Sharonda Ross said her husband had to break into their 10-month old’s daycare after staffers forgot him in the building.

“Nobody’s here, no cars, no nothing,” Sharonda told KTRK news. “I called the day care several times on my way to make sure to see if he’s at home and on the way back and my child’s here at day care by himself, no supervision. Nobody’s here.”

The daycare owner Joann Davis said she was “deeply sorry” and expressed gratitude that the child was okay. However, she noted that the employee who accidentally left the baby will not be fired.

This news comes as two brothers recover in an Oklahoma hospital from severe sunburn after their day care failed to put sunscreen on them during a trip to a splash park. As a result, the Happiness is a Learning Center daycare is permanently closed and under investigation.

When child safety isn’t in question, the money required to make sure your child is in a safe and secure place during the day is another issue.

When it comes to day care for your children, are you content with your options? Sound off below.

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