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ESSENCE Poll: Are You Happy with Where You Live?

A new study reveals the happiest and unhappiest cities in the country. Do you love where you live?
ESSENCE Poll: Are You Happy with Where You Live?

New York may be the big city of dreams, but it turns out, it’s also the unhappiest.

According to a new working paper by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard University, despite having higher wages and housing options, New Yorkers are the most miserable. The study—based on factors like age, sex, income and race—also wanted to explain why cities that were deemed “unhappy” were still experiencing population growth.

So where do the happy people live? Louisiana! The state boasts five of the happiest cities, including Lafayette, Baton Rouge and Houma. Other happy cities include Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia, Washington, DC and Atlanta.

The study has us thinking about how location plays a part in your happiness. So, tell us, are you happy with where you live? Share your thoughts below. 

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