ESSENCE Poll: Are We Too Critical of Celebrity Hairstyles?
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

You may recall back in January Michelle’s Obama’s new bangs were the talk of the town. Even President Obama jokingly remarked that his wife’s new haircut was the “most significant” event of Inaugural Weekend.

And today, Mrs. Obama’s bangs are the center of attention yet again, and not in a good way. The First Lady took the podium at the G8 summit in Belfast, Ireland and her bangs became the subject of much debate in cyberspace. Back in January, her bangs were cut short. Now, six months later, it’s only natural that they’re growing out. Well, apparently some people aren’t digging the First Lady’s fully functioning hair follicles.

Over on Twitter, a few commenters stated that Mrs. Obama was having “a terrible bangs malfunction” and that she was sporting a “bad haircut”—a references to her slightly longer, side-swept fringe. “Watching Michelle Obama’s speech in Belfast. Impressive but I wish she would get her fringe sorted out. #badhairday,” wrote one user. The hashtag #bangsfail was even used a few times.


Unless you’ve never had bangs cut and don’t understand that they, um, do actually grow back, this whole attack on Mrs. Obama’s bangs seems a bit unwarranted. This brings to mind previous incidents like the Gabby Douglas mayhem last summer and all those folks who kept running their mouths about Solange’s hair, too.  Is the hair criticism getting out of hand?

What say you? Have people become a bit too critical of how we perceive celebrity hairstyles?

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