ESSENCE Poll: Are Selfies Vain or Empowering?
JGI/Jamie Grill

Yesterday, ESSENCE hosted a brand upfront that highlighted different projects we’ve been working on, including our images study on Black women in the media. To further drive that discussion, our Editor-At-Large and beauty maven Mikki Taylor brought out Iman, Bethann Hardison, Gabrielle Union and blogger Afrobella to discuss Black beauty today and the power of confidence. 

During the discussion Gabrielle Union made an interesting point about selfies on Instagram. The actress believes there’s something beautiful about it because when a woman takes a selfie, “you choose you, you know you’re dope,” she said.

Union got us thinking, when we see a selfie on Instagram, should we view it as a woman saying “I am beautiful because I choose me” or is it like her saying “I need you to like this so I can feel pretty?” While the selfie has become popular enough to earn a spot in the dictionary, there are a few of us who view them as an insecure need for public gratification, or in this case, Instagram likes. Then there are those who can appreciate them, but not see them constantly.

What do you think? Are selfies empowering, vain, or is it how often a person posts makes the difference? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to elaborate down below!

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