ESSENCE Poll: Are Holograms Scary or Spectacular?
Kevin Winter/Billboard Awards 2014/Getty Images for DCP

A hologram of the late Michael Jackson performing a single from his posthumous album Xscape stole the show at last night’s Billboard Awards. 

“We tried to do as best we could what we thought Michael would have loved, and those of us who knew Michael really well, we had a good perspective on it,” CEO of Epic Records L.A. Reid, told the Associated Press.

While the late King of Pop may have “loved” the idea that a hologram could allow him to continue to perform in front of audiences after death, some viewers found last night’s performance creepy. 

MJ isn’t the first star to be “resurrected” via hologram—Tupac and Easy E also got the hologram treatment—and we’re pretty sure he won’t be the last. Do you like the idea of your favorite artist being brought back to life by technology, or do you find the concept weird?

Are holograms scary or spectacular? 

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