Essence Atkins Reveals Divorce From Husband of 10 Years and What It’s Like Dating Again
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Actress Essence Atkins recently visited Hollywood Today Live and revealed some rather shocking news: She and husband Jamie Mendez have filed for divorce. 

Fans might remember that the veteran star and her then-husband of 10 years met on Atkins said the process hasn’t been an easy one, and she is taking baby steps as she copes with the end of her marriage.

“I am going to be entering the dating world after nearly a decade,” Atkins told hosts Garcelle Beauvais, Ross Mathews and Tanner Thomason.

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“I’m in the process of getting a divorce, sadly. It’s weird because literally, three weeks after filing, I got this job where I’m playing a newly divorced woman who’s co-parenting with her ex that she still loves, but they’ve somehow realized that they’re not meant to partner together anymore. It was kind of this weird, amazing moment the universe was like, here’s art imitating life and we’re going to talk about this and you’re going to explore it in a really humorous way.”

Atkins is set to star in the upcoming comedy series, Marlon, based loosely on the life of comedian Marlon Wayans where she will play his ex-wife. 

The transition from parenting in a single family household to co-parenting will be different but it’s one she and Mendez are dedicated to for the sake of their son Varro. 

“Even in deconstructing a family, you’re still figuring out a way to be a family,” she added. 

As for dating? Atkins reveals she has some days when she thinks she’s ready to search for love again, then other days is far too intimidated by changes to tradtional dating rules to jump back in. 

“I feel like ‘Oh yeah, I’m ready!’ And then I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not!’” she said. “I’ve turned 40 since I’ve dated. I don’t know, people don’t talk anymore, they text. They only call if it’s a dire emergency. I have no idea how to go about it.”

Watch the full clip below. 

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