On Thursday, ESPN sport commentator Bomani Jones had all the world abuzz when he wore a shirt with the word “Caucasians” emblazoned across the chest as a parody of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo.

Twitter went crazy over it and so did the network. 

Bomani Jones Rocks ‘Caucasians’ Shirt on ESPN and Twitter Can’t Handle It

According to TMZ, ESPN reps asked Jones to cover the shirt after he had been on air long enough for his attire to be seen. 

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“As the show progressed, we felt Bomani had made his point and had openly discussed why he was wearing the shirt, and we wanted to keep to the focus to the topics of the day.” 

Jones partially obliged to the networks’ request by putting on a black hoodie to hide only part of the image. 


bomani_mike and mike_040716 from ESPNMediaZone on Vimeo.