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Erykah Badu Helps Deliver Baby

Erykah Badu recently helped deliver a baby in Dallas.
Erykah Badu can now add “doula” to her long list of titles. The soulful singer recently helped deliver a baby in Dallas and shared the entire experience live with fans via Twitter. “My pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night to drive across town and help a new being come in to our world,” she Tweeted early on in the labor. After 45 hours of labor pains, the singer finally helped the new mother deliver a baby girl. “Marley is here. She arrived at 8:52 pm,” she tweeted. “Thank u Felicia and Jay for trusting me. Marley is phenom ! Your badoula.”  Check out the touching photo of Badu and the new baby in the hospital — definitely beautiful! In other Erykah news, the singer also recently confirmed plans to release her first mixtape as a DJ. The mixtape — which she describes as a “dance project” — will be released under her name “DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.” We know it’ll be good — keep doing your thing Badu!