Over the weekend, the controversial and racy video for “The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)” starring Erykah Badu, her sister Nayrok and the Flaming Lips, spread across the internet like wildfire.

The graphic clip featured several nude shots of Nayrok in various liquids, leaving many wondering if it was done for art’s sake or shock value. Badu took to her Twitter account to share her disappointment and disgust for the video’s director, Wayne Coyne.

“@WayneCoyne then… perhaps, next time you get an occasion to work with an artist who respects your mind/art, you send at least a ROUGH version of the video you Plan to release before you manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message that passes as art (to some),” she wrote.

Despite her angry sentiments, Badu admits she wasn’t completely sold on the video’s concept but went with the idea anyway.

Above all she feels disrespected by Coyne’s decision to release the video without her consent. “You disrespected me by releasing pics and a rough video on the internet without my approval (Contract breech),” she shared. “That is equivalent to putting out a security camera’s images of me changing in the fitting room. I never would have never approved that tasteless, meaningless, shock motivated video.”

The “Window Seat” singer says she unimpressed by Wayne. “As a sociologist I understand your type. As your fellow artist I am uninspired. As a woman I feel violated and underestimated.”

Even though things didn’t pan out the way she had hoped, Badu says it was a lesson learned.


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